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Swimming Koi (Senior Film Test Animation)

So as shown on my work section, I’m doing a hybrid After Effects/Cell Animation styled film pertaining to the Chinese myth of Pangu. This is my first time attempting real frame by frame animation out of photoshop and it seems to be working quite well. Now that my workflow is in order, I can go ahead and knock out all the cell shots in my film fairly easily. Here is a gif of my animation.


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Learning Premiere Pro – Day 01

I decided to take an editing and cinematography class this quarter at SCAD in order to become more familiar with different editing styles and programs while building up the live action portion of my experience. I took a screenshot while using the Multi-Camera Tool in Premiere Pro in order to learn how to edit with syncing in points of videos to a single timecode and audio track. All the video in these exercises were given to us by our professor solely for practice.



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